The order 'prepare to move immediately' to Breskins was received from Brigade HQ at 1435 hrs and the Battalion moved off at 1600 hrs. At Breskins a recce party (which included the Battalion Intelligence Officer) embarked in assault craft ahead of the Battalion at 2000 hrs to reconnoitre locations for the companies and when seven hours later at 0315 hrs their LTVs hit Uncle Beach to speedily guide them off the beach into prepared positions.

At 0445 we had linked up by patrol with 4KOSB in the area of the shipyards in Flushing.

At 1420 hrs we sustained our first casualty when an officer was killed by machine-gun fire.

Commanding Officer (C.O.) received orders from the Brigade Commander at 2100 hrs to attack and capture the German Command Headquarters located in the Grand Hotel Britannia, which was to be carried out at the same time as 4 Commando launched an assault on the objective by crossing the gap in the sea wall. It subsequently transpired that 4 Commando were not able to proceed and the 7th/9th carried out the attack on its own. The C.O. held his orders group 2215 hrs and the Battalion attack force moved off at 0205 hrs.

The objective was approached through sea water flooding much of the island from the breach made in the sea-wall by the RAF. At high tide it was 0.6 metres deep and sometimes chest high.  Everyone wore life-jackets with weapons and wireless sets carried shoulder high. After a fierce and bloody  battle lasting from H-hour 3.30 hrs until about midday the heavily fortified German Command  Post in  the  Grand  Hotel  Britannia,  Flushing, was captured. 50 Germans were killed and 600 prisoners taken, including Oberst Reinhart the German commander in Flushing.   21 Royal Scots were killed.

The C.O. was seriously wounded in the action and at 1405 hrs the Battalion Second-in-Command arrived to take over command.

The Acting C.O. with Battalion I.O. joined the Brigade Commander to observe the 4KOSB advancing from Flushing on both sides of the Canal towards Middelburg. Acting C.O. standing by as OC Flag Party if and when the enemy in Middelburg seek to surrender.




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