The German Attack

A German attack can be anticipated after a period of active patrolling on our front, usually by fighting patrols of ten men prodding our defences looking for a weak point. If found, will then attack in strength almost at once. If no obvious weakness found, they will attack at several points and reinforce wherever they are successful.

They believe success in attack is to win the initial fire-fight. They tend to concentrate maximum fire support of all their weapons on a narrow front, of light and heavy infantry guns, divisional artillery, SP assault guns and smoke mortars.

Once they have penetrated, power is delegated to forward troops to take the initiative and drive the assault forward, their flanks will be guarded by artillery and anti-tank fire and screened by smoke. As the first wave pushes on, it will be followed by successive waves to widen the gap and then motorised troops and/or tanks can be expected.

Points to look for in an attack: (1) MG and mortar groups of 2 to 3, second-in-command carrying tommy-gun. (2) Ranging rounds by their 8cm mortars. (3) Pronounced flash and loud report of infantry artillery. (4) Platoons moving 'one-up', 'two-up' or 'three-up'. (5) Sections advancing in single file and MG42s firing through the gaps

German Artillery

German Artillery is a separate arm of the service distinguished by the red colour piping on shoulder straps.

Each Grenadier regiment has its own artillery of light and heavy infantry guns and manned by infantrymen wearing white piping on their shoulder-straps. These guns deployed much further forward than normal field artilleryas they are short-range.

German equivalent of our 25-Pounder is 10.5cm gun-howitzer. The calibre is slightly larger (4.14ins) and shell heavier (33lbs). Range is 11,670 yards but with muzzle-brake (as for 25-Pounder) can range up to 13,400 yards.

10.5cm (4.14ins) Gun Howitzer
Normal Field Artillery. Range 13,400 yards.

15cm (5.91ins) Howitzer
Medium Artillery Weapon (Divisional Artillery of Infantry). Range 16,400 yards.


15cm. (5.91ins) Field Gun
Medium Artillery Weapon.
Range 25,000 yards.





21cm Rocket Projector (Nebelwerfer). Range 10,000yds.

Nebelwerfer was originally developed as a chemical warfare weapon.
Nebelwerfer = smoke mortar.

Towed by half-tracks in and out of prepared positions.




8.8cm Multi-Purpose Gun. Range 11,300 yards.

A very effective anti-personnel, anti-tank, anti-aircraft weapon.




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